Public Sector Partner Register in Slovakia

Do you need to be registered in the slovak Public Sector Partners Register (Register partnerov verejného sektora)? Utilize the services provided by our law firm!

The standard fee of our law firm for submitting an application for registration in the Public Sector Partners Register for foreign subjects is 250 EUR, and the fee for performing the function of an authorized person is 250 EUR per calendar year (this fee is not applicable in the calendar year in which the registration is made). For more complex ownership or management structures of public sector partners, the fee may be higher.

This service is primarily intended for foreign business companies and entrepreneurs participating in public procurement in Slovakia. To receive financial resources from public budgets or acquire assets from public institutions, you must be registered in the Public Sector Partners Register if the value of these financial resources or assets reaches the threshold set by law.

To provide this service, we need to obtain documents that allow us to identify the ultimate beneficiaries of public sector partner. For foreign subjects, these are primarily extracts from the register of legal entities, which indicate the specific individuals who actually own the companies, and the identification documents of these individuals.

If you are interested in being registered in the Public Sector Partners Register, please contact us anytime by email at, or by using the contact form on KONTAKT website.